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Dream sequences…

Vangelis - 01
The MFQ - I Had A Dream Last Night
Alessandro Alessandroni - Bandidos
Peggy Lipton - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Donovan - A Sunny Day
Cosmic Eye - Part 4
Magic Sand - Get Ready To Fly
Leonardo Marletta - Allucinazioni
Willie Nelson - Blue Skies
Yusef Lateef’s Detroit - Eastern Market
The Fool - Voice On The Wind
Ralph Lundsten - Anrop: Fader Vår Som Är I Himmelen
Moggi - Officina Stellare
The Undisputed Truth - Ungena Za Ulimwengu/Friendship Train
Jacques Lasry - Labyrinthe


A copy of Linda Perhacs original Parallelograms scroll.

A copy of Linda Perhacs original Parallelograms scroll.

The Cremator, 1968. One of the greatest films ever. And the amazing soundtrack have recently been released by Finders Keepers. Do yourself a favour…

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Deathjazz vol. 4…

Marc Duval & His Music - The Loner
Garbor Szabo - Raga Doll
Oronzo De Filippi - Architettura Industriale
Paul Horn - Cleopatra’s Palace Music
Dave Richmond - Conversations
Lars Färnlöf & Radiojazzgruppen - Mörkret Ler
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - På En Sten
Paul Horn - Kyrie
Eddie Harris - Silver Cycles
The Free Design - Dorian Benediction
Graham Bond - The Magician
Jan Johansson & Bengt-Arne Wallin - Trollmors Vaggsång


Easy Tempo: Legendary Soundtracks Live On - documentary

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Pop surgery…

The Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Whistle Stop
John Bender - 43B6 Station
John Bender - 60-1 Thought
Tod Dockstader - Tictic
The Residents - Sinister Exaggerator
Time Attendant - Holiday Holograph
John Carpenter - The Fog Main Theme Reprise
Jacques Lasry - Danse Des Cosmonautes
Kraftwerk - Tanzmusik - live 1975
The Leo Hassler Synthesiser - Whimsical
Jean Pierre Decerf - Reaching Infinite
Ernest Hood - At The Store edit
Chris Marker - Sans Soleil Theme
Jonny Dean - Eastern Promise
Pierre Henry - Initiation edit
Chris Stein - Subway Theme
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Durch Die Wuste edit


Weird instrument that sounds a bit like a Mellotron but instead of tapes it uses something that looks like flexi-discs as soundsource. 

Swedish experimental musician Sven-Åke Johansson plays drums with cucumbers… :)


Hansson & Karlsson (Swedish TV, 1967)

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Resa mot okänt mål…

Hansson & Karlsson - Discovery
Fläsket Brinner - Gånglåten
Harvester - Kristallen Den Fina
Charlie & Esdor - Då Klagar Mina Grannar
Handgjort - Worlds On Fire
Joakim Skogsberg - Offer Rota
Hansson & Karlsson - Triplets
Ralph Lundsten - Bön 1-Helgat Varde Ditt Namn
Björn J:son Lindh - Den Dansande Wollmar edit/Musik Från En Storstad edit
Turid - Vittras Vaggvisa
Ragnarök - Farväl Köpenhamn
Kebnekaise - Horgalåten
Älgarnas Trädgård - Viriditas
International Harvester - Sommarlåten
Träd, Gräs & Stenar - Svarta Pärla


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Delirium in hi-fi…

Eroc - Nebelwelt
Magic Sand - Get Ready To Fly
Colin Blunstone - She Loves The Way They Love Her
Michel Estellet Brun & Gerard Berlioz - Tarbouka Toccata
Laurent Petitgirard - Mr Green Genes
Euphoria - There Is Now
Three Ring Circus - Fantastic Voyage
Gerhard Narholz - Electronique 2
General Strike - Sea Hunt
Bermuda Triangle - Lost Worlds
Erik - Look Where I Am (Well It’s Right Over Here)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Fuoristrade
Roger Roger - Ectoplasm
The Eternal Savings & Trust Company - Wind And Spirit
Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra - Reverie De L’enfance De Pantag


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Reality from dream…

One Time Syncopated Codpiece - Play With Fire
Bill Plummer & His Cosmic Brotherhood - Journey To The East
The Charms - A Sunny’s Dawn
Orchestra Gianfranco Intra - Lea
The Search Party - Renee Child
Pink Floyd - Main Theme
Collage - The Takeho Song
St Pius X Seminary Choir - Get Together
Marcus - Grains Of Sand
Collage - Equinox
Reality From Dream - Dawn
Simon Finn - Jerusalem


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Alan Hawkshaw - Transcendental Meditation
Bruno Battisti D’Amario - Virginya
Garnegy & Maties - Rebonds
Piero Umiliani - Sequenza Psichedelica
Nilsson - Me And My Arrow
Mogollar - Halicte Gün Batisi
Merit Hemmingson - Django - edit
The Freak Scene - Rose Of Smiling Faces
Camille Sauvage - Magic Timpani
Judy Collins - Story Of Isaac
Agitation Free - You Play For Us Today
John Renbourn - La Rotta
Ron Gessin - Concrete Line Up
Aphrodite’s Child - Aegian Sea
Klaus Schulze - Way Of Changes - edit


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Deathjazz vol. 3…

Piero Piccioni - Le Streghe (Shake #3)
The Three Sounds - Repeat After Me
Bruno Battisti D’Amario & Edda Dell’orso - Berimbau
Angelo Baroncini - Scultorea Beat
Made In Sweden - Mad River
Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - African Sweets
Piero Umiliani - Nel Villaggio
Andrzej Korzynski & Ewa Wanat - Bossa Nova 
Bruno Battisti D’Amario - Modinha Brasiliera
Peppino De Luca & I Marc 4 - Routa Rovente
The John Cameron Quartet - Dafina Querida
Dudley Moore - Lillian Lust
Staffan Abeleen Quartet - Persepolis -edit
Christian Zÿsset - Médium Free Jazz -edit